Vinci Park School Makes the Newspaper
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Published Thursday, December 23, 1999, in the San Jose Mercury News

Santas of all ages help the needy We also heard from the student council at Vinci Park School in San Jose, which coordinated a fund-raising drive that brought in $400 for the Wish Book.
The students who sacrificed their spending money -- a dollar, quarter, dime, nickel or even a penny at a time -- raised this money,'' wrote Rob Curry, a teacher at the school at adviser to the student council. ``Even though many of our students are not wealthy, we are proud of them for giving what they could so as to make a happier holiday possible for other children who are in even greater need.''
Rob noted that one of the fifth-grade classes, the mighty Room 10, raised more than $200 of the total all by themselves.

I am so very proud of my class

I just want to let each and every one of the students in Room 10 that I am so very proud of what you all did as individuals and more importantly as a CLASS. By working together, we can do so very much.

Thank You!

Mr. Curry

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