Entering A New Millennium in Room 10
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Students Are Creating Their Own Web Pages!

In January, students are starting to create web pages on which to present their reports. The first report will be on a state. Students will do research both in traditional resources and using online sources.
Students will be learning how to create a web page under the supervision of Mr. Curry. This is a skill they can use later in life as well.

Student Report -- Pages
Keyanna Keyanna's Report
Julian Julian's Report
Christian Christian's Report
Kortney Kortney's Report
Kristine Kristine's Report
Kevin Kevin's Report
Matthew Matthew's Report
Adrian Adrian's Report
Brian Brian's Report
Michelle Michelle's Report
Esther Esther's Report
Tracy Tracy's Report
Laura Laura's Report
Navjot Navjot's Report
More State Report Web Pages
Jeffrey Jeffrey's Report
James James' Report
Elizabeth Elizabeth's Report
Nam Nam's Report
Michael Michael's Report
Ashley Ashley's Report
Aaron Aaron's Report
Ridhi Ridhi's Report
Briana Briana's Report
Grisel Grisel's Report
Gina Gina's Report
Myron Myron's Report
Phillip Phillip's Report
Thao Thao's Report
Pauline Pauline's Report