Jupiter:The Largest Planet
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Jupiter Report by the Bulldogs

Jupiter, the fifth planet from the sun, is the biggest planet in our solar system. Its mass is 318 times the mass of Earth. It rotates every 9 hr. 55.5 min (compared to Earth's 24 hours).
Jupiter's year (the time it takes to revolve around the Sun) lasts 11.9 earth years. In that case, a fifth grader wouldn't even be one year old! Jupiter orbits the Sun at a distance of 483.3 million miles-five times the distance of the Earth from the Sun.
Jupiter has three layers of clouds. The winds on Jupiter move in jets parralel to its equator. As a result, we can see broad, alternately colored bands of orange-brown and whitish clouds. These are the clouds and gasess in Jupiter's atmosphere. Jupiter's gravitational field is 4,000 times stronger than Earth's.

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