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This is A picture of Mars.
Planet Mars by the Cobras [Table 1]
Mars surface is full of iron that's rusted. That's why the surface is red. Mars is also the closest planet to Earth and it is the 4th planet away from the Sun.Mars has colers of red,orange,and does not have any stars either.The climate is very dry and cold and dusty.Theres also a Polar Cap,andis named after "The Bloody-Red God of War"of the ancient Romans.Marses distant from the sun is:141,600,000 miles.THe diameter of Mars is 4,223 miles[6,796 kilometers] a little over half that ofthe earth.Also Pluto and Mercury are the only planets smaller than Mars.Two small satellites travel around Mars.The closer and larger one is named Phobos.

It's rotation period is:24 hours and 37 minutes.the tempature is 32 degrees F.[0 degrees C].
And that was all about planet Mars [kinda].

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